It has been 14 years since Shah Rukh Khan’s Kal Ho Na Ho was released. The film not only touched our hearts but also left a mark on our souls forever with the heartbreaking storyline of the unconditional, everlasting and immortal love story of Aman and Naina played beautifully by King of Romance Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta respectively. The soulful and heart-wrenching film was so touching that it actually broke our hearts back then for real. The love story of a man who is fighting for his life falls in love with a girl and wants her to be happy even after he is not there in this world and hence finds love for her.

Produced by Yash Johar and directed by Nikhil Advani, this film left such an emotional impact on the audiences that Kal Ho Na Ho is still one of the most loved romantic films. It is a fact that a few moments from this soulful film are so heartbreaking that they can still rip your heart apart while you watch them. The story, the acting and all the moments from Kal Ho Na Ho were so real that we somehow could feel it and not stop ourselves from shedding those tears along with them. Here are such heartbreaking moments from the iconic love story:

1-The diary scene: When Naina finds overhears Aman and Rohit talking about the fact that it was Aman’s plan to make her fall for Rohit and it was Aman who convinced Rohit to become Naina’s love interest which completely breaks her heart and she accuses Aman of trying to become everyone’s god and hence convinced Rohit that it’s not the bond Rohit shares with her is not friendship but love. She accuses Rohit of breaking her heart and hurting her. She blames Aman for stealing her only friend from her.

2-Aman lies to Naina about his marriage: One of the most heartbreaking scenes of the film, when Naine goes to Aman to propose him and tell him how much he loves her and sadly Aman, who loves Naina with all his heart too has to lie to her and tell her that he is married to someone else because he cannot tell Naina about his heart disease and the fact that he won’t be able to live for a very long time. This breaks Naina completely leaving her shattered.

3-Rohit and Naina find out about Aman’s disease: Anyone who is emotional, this scene would completely break them. It is when Naina and Rohit, unaware of the fact that Aman has only a few days to live, find out about his disease through Aman’s doctor Priya at a mall.

4- Naina confronts Aman at the bridge: Another heart touching moment from the beautiful film, when Aman, who is almost at the urge of dying, goes running towards Naina who is shattered after knowing about Aman’s disease. Naina asks him that why he loves her so much that even after he is no more, he wants to leave someone behind to love her and take care of her. At one point in time, they both don’t say anything to each other and there are just pure and endless emotions involved.

5- Aman’s death: No matter how strong you are, you cannot keep your tears from coming out in this heart-wrenching scene where Aman is at the deathbed, and the entire family including Naina, Jenny, Rohit, Jiya and everyone is around. They all are just wanting for Aman to live and the sadness in their eyes shows that he is going and they can’t do anything to make him live. The poor little Jiya comes and gives Aman a flower and Aman asks her if she will marry him. Jiya breaks into tears and says no.

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