The Bigg Boss  house is on a high these days. With Priya Malik’s bluntness and Kishwer’s little quirks, Salman Khan no longer needs to ask the inmates to lift up their socks and be entertaining.
The person gaining maximum attention this week has been our silent damsel in distress Rimmi Sen. However the damsel is not so distressed anymore. While Rimmi Sen doesn’t want to take part in any activity, she has no problem sleeping all day or cooking for the other inmates.
 Highly liked by all other contestants, Rimmi doesn’t take any strong stand against anybody in the house and manages to be in everybody’s good books.
However, what has shocked viewers the most has been Rimmi’s sudden change in her game strategy. Ever since the beginning of the show Rimmi has been seen tottering around the house uninterested in any activity. 
While sleeping is her only vice, Rimmi has proved to be the most boring contestant in the history of the show. She is always seen in the background passing comments that no one pays much heed to.
However what agitated Rimmi was Rishabh Sinha’s advice of returning her signing amount and quitting the show. Rimmi who has never said one good word about the show, told Rishabh that four weeks into the show had made her accustomed to her surroundings. There was no way she was going to give the money back after slumming it out in the house without any luxuries.
Why Rimmi has still not been evicted remains a mystery to most of us. According to inside sources, it has been revealed that Rimmi has been paid a whopping amount for signing the show. 
However if she quits on her own, she would get to keep only 20% of the amount. So this might prove to be a deterrent in Ms. Sen’s decision to quit. Rimmi has also started telling everyone that she now wants to silently sit in the house and make to the end. This way she can earn more money weekly without doing any work.
As long as the public doesn’t chuck Rimmi out of the house, we are sure to see the Bong actress in a bright red lipstick waking up every morning, only to fall asleep again.

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