Los Angeles: Emmy-winning actor Jim Parsons is so impressed with Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez after working with them in animated film “Home” that he wants to have the music stars as guests on his sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.

Parsons, 42, said he would love to see Rihanna starring as ‘a nuclear physicist’ and Jennifer Lopez playing ‘a wonderful professor’, reported E! Online.

“Oh, my God, could you imagine?” Parsons spoke of the possibility during the premiere of “Home”.

He went on suggesting Rihanna to play the role of “a nuclear physicist.” About it, he said, “She could do it. She could do it. Would she be willing? That’s the question.”

Rihanna herself, in fact, seemed to be open the idea as she said, “Hell, yeah! He told you that? Tell him I’m in.”

About Lopez, Parsons said, “You know what I mean? Now, that’s perfect casting. That’s a way to shake up an image.” The pop star found the idea “great”. “I love wearing glasses… Why not? I can do anything. I can be anything,” she said.

Parsons, Rihanna, and Lopez are among the voice cast of “Home”, which will be hitting theatres in the US this coming Friday, March 27.

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