The Big Boss house is getting a lot of attention these days. Latest in news is King Khan, who would be seen on the show promoting his upcoming film ‘Dilwale’.
Since Varun Dhawan has already been on the show, the viewers were not expecting such a fruitful surprise. 
However, Salman Khan confirmed the news and every one now is eagerly awaiting Shah Rukh’s presence in the show.
Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have been seen bonding big time these days. The two Khans, who have not shared screen space ever since their brawl over Katrina Kaif in 2008, shot for the promotional video of Bigg Boss 9 at the Mehboob studios on Tuesday, December 8.
Shah Rukh Khan also posted a selfie on Facebook along with the ‘Bigg Boss’ host Salman KhanThe two actors who were earlier seen lashing at each other on previous occasions have been putting up a united front in recent times.
In other news is Bigg Boss house turning into a haunted madhouse. It all started with Kanwaljit spotting a white wraith in the mirror. When Kishwer pointed out the same, the housemates called her delusional and mocked her off. Priya, however, confirmed her fears and shrieked when she spotted the same apparition.
These events might have given ideas to Bigg Boss in designing the weekly luxury task. The housemates will be seen adorning spooky outfits the whole week in order to win the luxury budget.
Looking at the recent developments in the show and the high boredom quotient, we can’t wait for Shah Rukh to charm us as well as the Bigg Boss housemates with his wit and humour!

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