New York: Many fans got upset as actress Katie Holmes posted on Instagram a photograph of her and daughter Suri meeting Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at a private fundraiser event here.
In the black-and-white image, Holmes is seen in a black long-sleeved shirt alongside Suri who held a plush toy. Clinton was joined by her daughter Chelsea who was pictured talking with Suri, reports 
“Mothers and daughters,” the 37-year-old captioned it, adding the hashtag “we are with Hillary” and a heart emoji. 
Many upset fans took to Twitter to express their angst over this meeting. 
User @likalis4 said, “Noooooo!” while another user @carolyndwilson1219 tweeted: “If only you hadn’t put the hashtag there. I like you Katie, but I gave you credit for intelligence. Hillary will be awful as President. After all these years, I’m amazed that people are still blind to the facts!” 
User @roscothedoggy wrote: “You support Hillary Clinton? Bye Felicia!” 
However, some fans came to the “Batman Begins” star’s defense following the backlash over her support to Clinton. 
User @cmmillen wrote: “Hey just because she’s visiting her doesn’t mean she’s voting for her. It’s called civility and kindness.” 
“I Am 100 percent certain @katieholmes212 doesn’t care if you unfollow her because she likes Hillary. Don’t announce it, just unfollow her. Petty f**kers,” User @talesofwonder81 said. 

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