The Bigg Boss house is really high on TRP’S these days due to which the producers are resorting to crazy tasks and activities.
Latest in news has been the serial killer task which shows Prince Narula going crazy and randomly eliminating people from the task. While the whole house sits contemplating the killer, Narula has the last laugh.
The house is also plotting revenge against each other this week. The distinction between the ‘cool group’ and the ‘misfits’ is clearly visible which has led to an increase in the number of fights this week.
Keith, the present captain of the house is now bearing the brunt of it. While most of the ‘misfits’ have started calling Rochelle, Keith’s manager, the ‘cool group’ has managed to stay out of trouble.
The host Salman khan too, called Keith a blind follower of his girlfriend, similar to Suyyash. This was further seconded by the Moroccan contestant, Norah Fatehi  who hasn’t yet let go of her Miss-goody-two-shoes image, clings to Prince for every little thing and yet manages to pity herself when people point fingers at her growing closeness with the fellow housemate.
Norah has also been talking behind everybody’s back especially targeting Mandana. In one of her candid revelations, Norah revealed that Mandana has not yet divorced her husband.
Mandana has also got flak from Giselle, who has known Mandana for a long time. Calling Mandana arrogant, Giselle said that Mandana was a gold digger and only dated men who were rich and famous in the industry.
But it isn’t only Mandana who is the soft target this week. It is already common news that Giselle and Rochelle aren’t the best of friends. Entering the bandwagon has been docile Norah, who claims that Rochelle’s over-confidence will lead to her downfall in the coming weeks.
Even though the viewers enjoy the back biting, the entertainment quotient of the show has been really hitting an all time low this season.

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