The much awaited Bigg Boss 9 episode starring Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan finally aired on 19th and 20th December. 
Lighting up the small screen was King Khan and his on-screen long time lady love Kajol. The duo was given a warm welcome by Salman Khan who gushed praises about the two actors and their film ‘Dilwale’.
The impromptu bear hugs and the sizzling bromance melted a million hearts in two hours making the audience craving for more.
The unmatched chemistry of the two actors since their Karan-Arjun days was clearly visible in spite of the way things had turned sour between the two in 2009.
While the two shook legs on each other’s famous Bollywood numbers, one couldn’t ignore the praises Shah Rukh lavished upon Salman calling him the show’s ‘permanent host’ and congratulating the Bigg Boss team for making the show a huge success.
Salman’s tongue in cheek humour and Shah Rukh’s impeccable wit could put most comedians to shame. Kajol too joined the two actors as they reminisced their Kuch Kuch Hota Hai days. The two hunks enacted scenes from the famous movie and left the audience in splits from their mock fight over winning Kajol’s heart.
‘Dilwale’ may not have cashed in a million hearts at the box office, but the Bigg Boss episode sure cashed in more than a million TRPs.