Los Angeles: Actress Renee Zellweger, who made headlines last year because of her dramatically different appearance at an award show, says she handled the scrutiny over her looks by focussing on the support she received from her friends and fans.
The “Bridget Jones’s Baby” actress admitted that she didn’t really pay attention to media coverage of her new look, reports ew.com. 
“All that I know about is what friends and associates would send in texts and emails,” she said. 
“They were sending support, which means that I must have needed it, and I prefer it that way. So when people come up to me to ask, ‘How did that feel?’ I don’t know, and I like it like that,” Zellweger added.
The 46-year-old said she “succeeded” in keeping clear of the criticism. 
“I don’t know. I know it sounds pretty unlikely that a person might be able to make herself, I guess, keep clear of those words or of that experience, but I have and it takes effort. But I have succeeded,” she said. 
“What good comes from knowing that something like that happened? Less fear. Sure.” 

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