It seems like everyone is losing it in the Bigg Boss house this time of the year. While Christmas calls for everybody to be happy and cheery, the contestants are quite the opposite. Constant fights and melodrama are now getting onto even the host Salman Khan’s nerves and the actor leaves no stone unturned in taking everyone’s case one by one.
The beginning of the week saw Norah and Prince as thick as pea soup while the other couples are going through a tough time. Priya and Rishabh might have called it quits for good this time. Adding fuel to the fire has been Prince who manages to create misunderstandings between the two over pettiest of issues. Whether he genuinely cares about his competitors or whether it’s his game strategy remains to be seen.
Kishwer and Mandana on the other hand managed to do their group task fairly well. The growing camaderie between the two gave the viewers some relief from the constant back-biting. However, the two ruined it soon enough when Kishwer called Mandana a thief.
Kishwer saw Rishabh’s facewash in Mandana’s bag and accused the actress of stealing stuff. Everybody further united to give her flak for creating a ruckus over chocolates and food.
The once close bond between Mandana and Giselle is now down the drain and Mandana has been seen getting chatty with Priya. Priya, who might be the bluntest contestant in all nine seasons is trying to be quiet and wallowing in grief over her lost friendship with Rishabh.
Mandana also told Priya not to be happy about having created a rift between Rishabh, Gizele and her. Priya claimed that she did not intend doing that and she was amazed by Mandana’s reaction.
While the world is in a festive mood, the housemates are fighting and hating the atmosphere they themselves have created. Let’s hope Santa can bring some smiles and surprises for them this Christmas. 

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