New Delhi: Supermodel, TV host, producer, cookbook author and actor Padma Lakshmi says there are no plans to enter Bollywood as it is not probable for her to just sideline her life in US to make a career in the Indian film industry.

“I don’t live there. I have life in America and I am flattered that people still ask even after so many years latter about Bollywood. But my life is here, my family is here, my child is here. So, for me going to India to make movies is probably not in the cards,” said Lakshmi.

Lakshmi, who adds the glamour quotient to the kitchen world with her TV show ‘Top Chef’, went global with her talent from the narrow lanes of Chennai to the broad avenues of Hollywood.

The mother of one will be coming out with a book, in which she has chronicalized her journey and narrates her experience with the contrasting culture between two countries.

“I will be out with a book early next year. It is not a cookbook but a non-fiction and it talks about my experiences of shuttling between two cultures as I grew up and what it was like. It was a very difficult book to write as it took me a long time,” she said.

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