Los Angeles: Singer Lana Del Rey has convinced a judge to issue restraining orders against two female fans from Russia who she fears might kill her.

The 30-year-old claims the two Russians are obsessed stalkers and she’s afraid for her life, reports tmz.com.

Del Rey filed “a set of restraining orders,” according to the report, in which she described how the fans have screamed at her in public and tracked her down to a new home after she moved to escape them.

She says they sleep outside her home, have left rambling letters in her mailbox and have threatened violence.

The “Born to die” performer has also now hired a full-time bodyguard and is using off-duty police officers for protection.

In granting the restraining orders, the judge ordered the women to stay 100 yards away from Del Rey and her home.

In November, a woman managed to sneak into Lana’s home while the singer was away for a few days.

The singer experienced a similar scary incident in early December when an obsessed fan was found hiding in her garage. The 19-year-old fan boy traveled from Kansas and broke into Del Rey’s home while it was undergoing renovations. He was charged with felony counts for stalking and first-degree burglary.

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