In a massive setback for actor Salman Khan, the Maharashtra government will be filling a special leave petition in the Supreme Court against the High Court order in the Salman 2002 hit and run case.

The state government was mulling and studying Salam Khan’s 2002 case. They had been examining the acquittal verdict which was given to him in the 2002 hit-and-run case by the High Court.  But they have finally taken this call, after citing failure of the prosecution to conclusively prove drunken driving charges against the actor.

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The judgment had come after an appeal which was filed by Salman Khan seven months after he was pronounced guilty by a trail court for running his car over five people who were sleeping on a pavement outside a laundry in suburban Bandra.  

According to reports, the government will be taking about 2-3 three weeks time to work on the formalities after which it is likely to file a leave petition in the Apex Court.

It would be interesting to see as to how much effect this appeal will have in the Apex Court, considering the fact that in the Bombay High Court, the prosecution was not even able to establish whether Salman Khan was behind the wheel and whether he was drunk or not.

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