NEW DELHI: The owner of the Balaji Motion Pictures, Ekta Kapoor has added a new clause of nudity to the contract for her upcoming erotic film XXX. But according to the grapevine, the nudity clause is going to remain the same for all the upcoming movies of Ekta.

While last year she gave us one of the most brazen avatars of former porn star Sunny Leone in Ragini MMS 2, this year, the TV and movie producer Ekta Kapoor is set to go a notch up and give us a full-fledged erotic movie with XXX.

Directed by Ken Ghosh, XXX is a collection of five different stories that discover various angles of sexuality, starring a bunch of new comers along with ‘XXX’. To avoid any last moment tantrums of refusing to a do nude scene or mouth titillating dialogues, Ekta Kapoor has decided to add this clause in her contract.

Speaking about the nudity clause, Ghosh said, “We have had several discussions over how things are supposed to be done and we do not want any issues during the filming. Therefore, we have decided to put everything on paper as a techno-legal clause.”

Our sources inform that the real reason behind introducing this clause is the former Bigg Boss contestant Sunny Leone. Apparently, the inclusion happened as Leone backed out from doing certain bold scenes in Ragini MMS 2 at the last moment and keeping that in mind, Ekta decided for this nudity clause.

We hear that the clause is going to be there for all upcoming movies of Ekta which means that any actress who is intending to do a film with Balaji Motion Pictures should be ready to perform any nudity scene. 

So, in that case, if Sunny is willing to a do a film with Ekta next time, she needs to keep her bags of tantrums back home as the star producer will not take it another time.

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