After losing out his position as brand ambassador of Incredible India, Aamir Khan could also be losing his contract with Snapdeal. Report suggests that Snapdeal is not too keen on continuing their relationship with the star and could decide against extending his contract.
The contract had a provision for an extension because it was a one year contract. However, the company has decided not to go forward with its extension. After Incredible India, Aamir Khan is likely to lose another endorsement. 
Reports suggests that popular e-commerce site, Snapdeal will not be renewing their contract for brand ambassadorship with Aamir Khan.
Though there are no reasons attributed to it or it has not be officially confirmed, one of the reasons could definitely be the backlash following Aamir’s intolerance comments. Though Aamir Khan came forward and clarified on the comments, there certainly was no rethinking on the part of the government when they dropped him from the Incredible India campaign. Similarly, Snapdeal will not rethink about their decision.
Some report says Snapdeal might not hire any celebrity after Aamir Khan. There have been considerable backlashes; there have been a lot of negative comments that were made about Snapdeal and Aamir Khan as the brand ambassador.
After Aamir Khan commented on intolerance, many people were not ready to buy Snapdeal products because they did not agree with Aamir’s view. There was even news that rating of Snapdeal on sites like Google Play went down because the fans were very upset with Aamir Khan.
There is no official confirmation from Snapdeal site or Aamir Khan about the termination of his contract. Even in the case of Incredible India, official confirmation was not made for the first couple of days until the government and Aamir Khan released an official statement.
Albeit this is only speculation, it can connected to the backlash over those intolerance comments of Aamir Khan that is still being stirred. Snapdeal does not want to damage its brand name or lose its customer simply on the basis of some statements made by their brand ambassador.