London: Singer Adele cried ‘all day’ after her problem-plagued Grammy Awards performance.
The British star’s rendition of ‘All I ask’ at the 58th annual Grammy Awards ceremony on Monday was beset with sound issues caused by a piano microphone falling onto the instrument’s strings, which made an audible crash and knocked the piano out of tune. 
There was also an issue with the volume levels fluctuating, and she admits she was very ’embarrassed’ afterwards, reports 
“I was embarrassed. I woke up the next morning to people in England being like, ‘We still love you, don’t worry,’ and I was like, ‘I didn’t ask you if you still loved me, but thanks’,” she told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in an interview. 
“I was so embarrassed. I cried pretty much all day yesterday. I kept like spontaneously bursting into tears yesterday. But it was alright. I was fine,” she added. 
The ‘Hello’ singer insists she wasn’t concerned about not hitting all the notes on the song as that is normal for her.
“I’m always a bit pitchy anyways — it’s emotion. When I’m flat and I’m sharp, I’m just emotional,” she said.
Adele thinks the disaster has probably cured her of any future nerves because she doesn’t think things could be any worse.
“I don’t feel like it could go that much worse than the Grammy’s, so I feel like I’m alright now. Anything that happens, dust it off! If it wasn’t live TV I would have busted a joke, but because it was, I couldn’t make the disaster my own,” she added.

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