Canberra: Singer-actress Kelly Osbourne, who is currently seen as a judge on ‘Australia’s Got Talent’, might be single, but is all ready to be in a relationship. She was seen getting mingling up to a robot dog on the singing reality show.
Osbourne got into a naughty encounter with Erik The Dog, when it hit the stage on Sunday, reports
The 31-year-old, who co-judges the show with Ian “Dicko” Dickson, Sophie Monk and Eddie Perfect, couldn’t resist to flirt when she found out that the mechanical pooch was also single.
Stirring up a cheeky back and forth, she asked Erik if he wanted a girlfriend or not while the audience laughed along.
The machine responded: “Oh, hello Kelly. Oh you’re a sexy woman. I like your style, I like your style.”
Osbourne replied: “I like yours”.
Erik said: “I call it doggy style”.
She later tagged Erik as a “naughty boy”.