Mumbai: For 23 years he was waiting for this day. He wanted to be a free man from a long time and finally he got his freedom on Thursday. Sanjay Dutt missed his father, the veteran actor Sunil Dutt ,who had a dream to see him free. He said that he never got any special treatment in the jail and instead, being a celebrity went against him. 
Sanjay Dutt stressed he loves his country and is a strong patriot at a press conference at his residence shortly after his release. The excitement of meeting his family after a long time made him forget everything. He couldn’t sleep the night before his release and eat for the last 3 days. 
During the press conference, Dutt praised his wife Manyata for being supportive throughout his nightmare. Now, as he is out from the jail he would prefer to spend time with his family. He used to speak over jail radio to entertain people and share his experience with them.
He requested the media not to mention his name in the 1993 Bomb blast as he is not a terrorist. He said that he would be grateful if his name would not occur at present and in future in relation to the Mumbai 1993 bomb blasts. 


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