Mumbai: It is no longer concealed that Bollywood has a shady underbelly, the instant connection between the real and reel life gangsters still excites the Bollywood fans. Thursday was a special day for Sanju Baba’s (Sanjay Dutt) fans as the star was finally released from the Yerwada Jail in Pune after serving his sentence of 5 years.
 Sanjay Dutt was charged for his involvement in helping the associates of key planners of the 1993 Bombay blasts. Abu Salem was one of the close associate of the terrorist masterminds and kept a very close relation with Sanjay Dutt.
Dutt confessed in the court that he asked one of his friends for help as he was too scared with the riots that took place after the 1993 blasts. He asked a friend to arrange for a weapon for self defence. Though this was a changed statement that Dutt gave in the court, he gave a different version to the police.
Dutt told the police that a friend asked to keep a bag in his house and he kept the bag but later found illegal guns in that bag. However, in the entire probe, Dutt was only found guilty of possessing illegal arms including AK-47.
There was no connection found between Sanjay Dutt and the 1993 blasts or any other terrorist activity in the entire investigation. Sanjay was granted parole a few times while he was serving punishment. Sanjay Dutt expressed the love for his country as he came out of the Yerwada Jail by saluting the Indian flag.
A press conference was later held at his residence where the actor shared his experience in jail. Sanjay missed his father on this occasion and with a heavy heart he said “I wish he was alive to see this day”.  
During the press conference, Dutt praised his wife Manyata for being supportive throughout his nightmare. Now, as he is out from the jail he would prefer to spend time with his family.     

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