Mumbai: ‘Tere Bin Laden: Dead Or Alive’ director Abhishek Sharma says that being a director is like imitating God as it gives the opportunity to create various worlds.
Which all forces would he like to thank for the success in his life?
Sharma said: “If there is a God, or energy or superpower somewhere, who has made everything else, I feel that I’m fortunate that being a director is in a way imitating God, while creating worlds. We are striving to create a world, and make people dance according to us.”
“I would only like to thank my parents because ultimately, I feel that you are whatever you are because of your parents. What my background is, or my value system, or my perspective is, it comes from there. I’ve been using them in the creative field, but it’s actually a process of what they’ve given me, they have made me,” added Sharma, popular for directing ‘Tere Bin Laden’.
His next film is ‘Hame Aitraaz Hai’, a satire on intolerance.
“It is very close to my heart and I feel all the issues that are happening, it can be a good satire based on that,” Sharma said.
Recently, numerous people from different fields returned their awards in protest of alleged intolerance in the country. Superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan’s comments on the same had sparked debate as well. 
Does he anticipate a similar backlash? 
“I’m not concerned about those things. If that was true, I wouldn’t have made films on Osama bin Laden.
“I have not thought along those lines. I just want to narrate a story which I like. I don’t think much about what people will say because I feel that if I am honest and don’t create a controversy, people won’t feel bad,” he said.

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