The Season 6 trailer of HBO’s Game of Thrones just hit the internet on Tuesday and it starts by hinting at Jon Snow’s death, leaving his fate still uncertain for fans.

While it is likely that it is a clever move on HBO’s part, not resolving the cliff-hanger before season actually starts, it should be noted that we don’t see John Snow during the trailer.

One can’t tell if it’s just the anticipation of it all or HBO’s intent but everything in this trailer seems to point to Jon Snow’s death. There’s a scene in the trailer where Davos somberly looks over a pyre and one can’t help but imagine that it is John Snow’s. On the other hand, however, the internet seems to be abuzz about how a live Jon Snow can be seen for split second during an action sequence in the trailer. While some others say that it is actually Ned Stark that can be seen in that scene, one should watch the trailer and judge for themselves.

Other factors that need to be considered, however, is that Kit Harrington has been seen on the sets of Season 6 of Game of Thrones and Isaac Hempstead-Wright has been almost-confirmed to be returning as Bran Stark as well. While there have been pictures released of the speculated-to-be-dead Bran Stark alive and well after two long seasons, both of these characters could still be returning to the show as part of flashback sequences or something of the sort.

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While there are plenty of theories on the fate of both characters (such as those along the lines of having to do with Bran Stark’s Warg abilities) and nothing in the trailer that resolves people’s curiosity, fans are relegated to creating head-cannons until the Season premier on April 24th.

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