Los Angeles: Sony has finally come around, thanks to public pressure, and has decided to drop record producer Dr. Luke after Kesha’s lawsuit regarding him.
Reports say that Sony plans to terminate its contract with Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records before it expires.
Sony had initially refused to let Kesha be released from her deal with Dr. Luke’s record label, even after she alleged sexual and emotional abuse. Kesha had gone to the courts regarding the matter, but had been denied release from the deal.
Soon after Kesha began to speak about her experiences on social media, her fans started to voice their support. Other pop musicians such as Lady GaGa and Kelly Clarkson followed suit in publicly declaring their support for the ‘Tik Tok’ hitmaker.
Clarkson spoke about her experiences working with the producer, saying that while her issues with him were different from that of Kesha’s she did not find him to be a good person and is aware that people in the industry do not get along with him.
GaGa has repeatedly gone on record saying that what has happened to Kesha is common in the music industry and the fact that she is being refused justice even after the amount of publicity her case has received is public humiliation toward an individual.
Kesha’s fans have planned a protest outside of Sony’s NYC headquarters for this Friday, where they’re expected to present a petition with over 411,000 signatures demanding that Sony release Kesha from her deal with Dr. Luke.

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