While places like Shillong might be the first to come to mind when thinking of the rock music scene in India, the youngsters from Jamshedpur aren’t ones to be left behind when it comes to their metalheadedness!

With the metal music scene in Jharkhand rapidly growing over the last few years, a group of youngsters from Jamshedpur are looking to do their part to popularize metal in India. The Living Stones are a group of school and college kids from the local tribal community of Jamshedpur and they’re organizing a charitable battle-of-the-bands event which will promote up and coming metal bands from the area.
Although the metal fandom has been steadily rising in Jamshedpur, the metal scene in the ‘steel city’ remains behind the scene in Ranchi. That’s why the Living Stones decided to take matters into their own hands and give the talented metalheads of Jamshedpur a chance to showcase their talents while putting together a fun show, the proceeds of which go to Mayer Manoranjan Charitable Trust. The term ‘living stones’ is derived from the bible, the group being formed by kids from the local tribal Christian community. The team is comprised of local students, William Hembrom, Garima Topno, Akansha Barla, Nicholson David Toppo and Shashi Panna.
As it turns out, the tribal Christian community in Jharkhand is extremely active in the area’s underground music scene, with about four out of five local bands being comprised of members from the community and metal festivals being organized in tribal organization centers.
The Living Stones’ first event, Metal Maniac 2016, is set to take place on the 10th of April at the Birsa Munda Townhall in Jamshedpur. The headlining band of the event will be local metal stars from Ranchi, Highway 69, with featured bands, Shrap from Kolkata and Vikrit from Ranchi, also playing at the event. Local bands can register in the competition for a small fee of Rs 1000 and have their chance to win the hearts of Jamshedpur metalheads.
While this is not the first battle-of-the-bands in Jamshedpur, with competitions showcasing local bands from genres as diverse as classic rock and death metal to post-hardcore and metalcore, it is certainly of note that students are coming out to form independent organizations and organize indie music events for lack of bigger organizers in the city. With the music lovers in Jamshedpur taking such brave and creative initiatives, looks like the metalheads of the ‘steel city’ have plenty of moshpits to look forward to!