New Delhi: When this year’s most awaited movie hit the floors this Friday, it landed up in the laps of some critics but that did not stop this superhero flick rake in the big moolah at the Box-Office. 

The movie received a lot of criticism from die-hard superhero fans whose expectations were soured. However, there was a larger section of comic-heads all over the world who were waiting for Dawn of Justice to come out on the big screen.
But the question remains, has Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice failed to impress?
Well, as per the Box-Office report, the title itself guaranteed a gigantic opening which was well received, making it one of the biggest hits from the stable of DC comics. The word-of-mouth and mixed reviews have still kept it from reaching the numbers made by archrival Marvel’s Avengers, but the efforts made by the director Zack Synder in bringing the “comic-characters” to the big screen are undoubtedly breathtaking.
The cameos by Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg have already generated enough excitement for the Dawn of Justice sequel.
The movie Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice did complete justice to the DC “comic series” whereas the previous versions of Batman and Superman by Christopher Nolan were not so much based on comics. For instance, in the previous movies, Batman only hit the bad guys but never killed them. On the contrary, in this flick he is a total man-slaughter specialist.
On the whole BvS is a comic replica of Batman & Superman where you will see some things which you don’t even expect in other flicks, change in characters — white turning grey and day versus night. 
Last but not the least, let’s not forget the impeccable performance by Gal Gadot as the Wonder Woman.
My suggestion is go for the movie if you are a comic and a superhero flicks fan. In case you are going to find sense and blame the plot, I would say a cup of coffee would bring you more happiness.

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