Mumbai: Lawyer Shrikant Shivade, defending Salman Khan in the 2002 accident case, argued on Friday that the Indian Penal Code seection dealing with culpable homicide not amounting to murder was wrongly applied on the actor.

The Section 304 part IIsection stipulates a maximum punishment of 10 years jail.

According to Shivade, in the present case, “The live link of the act and the death is snapped”

“The prosecution has not been able to prove that the death (of one pavement dweller) was caused because of the act,” Shivade argued before Additional Sessions Judge D. W. Deshpande.

During the past couple of days, Shivade had raised questions on the medical tests conducted on Salman within five minutes, how his vehicle was examined in 20 minutes, the competency of the chemical analyst and other aspects during his arguments in the re-trial of case currently underway before Judge Deshpande.

On Saturday, Shivade is expected to argue on the statement of former police bodyguard constable Ravindra Patil, who was the first complainant in the accident that took place on September 28, 2002.

Salman’s defence team, in the past, has questioned the inclusion of Patil’s evidence since he died of natural causes some years ago and could not be cross-examined.

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