New Delhi: Singer, songwriter, lyricist and viral music video star, Taher Shah, has finally come out with a new video, ‘Angel’, two years after his hit Youtube music video ‘Eye to Eye’.

Pakistani singer-songwriter, Taher Shah, went viral two years ago with his music video, ‘Eye to Eye’. While it is hard to tell whether it’s his eloquent lyrics, his sense of fashion and aesthetics or his downright shameless narcissism that made college students all over the sub-continent join the Taher fandom, it was for certain that Taher-mania was here to stay.

However, the self-proclaimed “sensational singer” had said in an interview that it took him 30 years to pen the lyrics to ‘Eye to Eye’, so it was expected that fans would have quite the wait ahead of them for his next video.

But after two years, the wait is finally over and Taher Shah is finally out with his new video, ‘Angel’.

The video surely ups the ante when it comes to editing and special effects, opening with probably all the effects that were in the video editor’s arsenal. This video, however, unlike the last one doesn’t make use of the editor’s Taher-doubling skills. While we could all use more Taher in our lives much like in the last video, instead of featuring Taher romancing himself, this video features him romancing a mysterious masked lady, whose outfits are just as impressive and grandiose as Taher’s.

For those of you who have not checked out ‘Eye to Eye’ yet, one would suggest they do so to know what started the musical revolution that gave mankind it’s ‘angel’.

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