Mumbai: Two days after the court rejected the anticipatory bail of Rahul Raj Singh, the suicide theory seems punctured. The cops have rejected the financial crunch angle raked up by Rahul’s father, investigation revealing that Pratyusha Banerjee had Rs 75 lakh in her bank account at the time of death.

At the court the defence lawyer of Rahul had said that Pratyusha was not working. He said that she had been unemployed for the past ten months probably hinting at another angle for which she could have committed suicide.

However the prosecution has clearly maintained that Rahul had in fact withdrawn a lot of Pratyusha’s money and had used her debit and credit cards too.

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It now kind of looks more like a vindication of what the prosecution has said. The cops have completely rejected the financial crunch angle saying that Pratyusha already had Rs 75 lakhs in her bank account at the time of death.

So clearly the fact that she was not working for ten months is clearly ruled out. In fact that she was unemployed couldn’t have been the reason for her to end her life.

But there are more pointed attacks being made at Rahul and his character, and the fact that he was completely involved in duping women, and that Pratyusha was not the first target as the claims were made by his ex-lawyer.

As the case progresses, more indications are emerging as to what could have conspired and what Rahul could have really done to Pratyusha for her to end her life.

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