Los Angeles: In ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ this week, comedian Amy Schumer and the host Jimmy Fallon played a game of ‘Explain This Photo’ wherin they exchanged cell phones and accessed each other’s photo albums.

The two each perused the other’s photo library to find and explain embarrassing photographs on their phones.

In the slide show on Schumer phone, one of the images showed the comedian and her friends standing next to a pig on a beach while on vacation in the Bahamas.

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Schumer explained how the trip ended up with the pictured pig, which she added was blind and bit her friend.

Then it was Fallon’s turn. Schumer picked a photo that ‘disturbed’ her. It showed Fallon with an unfortunate moustache wearing an ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ t-shirt, an ode to Bob Marley’s hit.

Fallon said he had been on vacation and thought about growing a moustache for the show.

After a series of photos in the slide show, the final photo had Tilda Swinton and her boyfriend lying among some creepy-looking dolls, which Schumer claims she grew up with.

Fallon said one of them in particular looked like something out of a horror movie. Schumer joked that the doll had comforted her through stressful times.

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