Fans around the world are celebrating the 127th birth anniversary of silent movie legend Charlie Chaplin on Saturday.

Born on April 16, 1889 in London to Hannah Harriet Pedlingham Hill and Charles Chaplin Sr, Charlie Spencer Chaplin had a great zeal for stage performances and showmanship. He rose to fame during the silent movie era and went on to have a career that spanned for 75 years.

To celebrate the birth of silent movie legend, Grévin Museums will inaugurate Chaplin’s World museum in Switzerland. The entertainment museum will then open its doors for the public on April 17.

Chaplin’s World museum is located in Manoir de Ban, Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland where the actor spent the last third of his life from 1952 until 1977 with his wife and children.

At the time of his birth, Chaplin’s parents were both music hall entertainers. During his teenage years, he began to perform on stage. By the time he was nine, Chaplin with his mother’s encouragement, was interested in performing acts on stage.

In May 1906, he joined the juvenile act Casey’s Circus.

Chaplin arrived in Los Angeles, home of the Keystone studio, in early December 1913. During January he attempted to learn the processes of filmmaking.

It was in the movie “Mabel’s Strange Predicament” that the funny “Tramp” character was first introduced. The character had the trademark baggy suit, big shoes and the ever familiar toothbrush moustache.

Charlie Chaplin went on to make more short films and feature-length movies based on the Tramp.

While Chaplin’s comedic style is broadly defined as slapstick, it is considered restrained and intelligent. 

Today he is hailed as one of the most important figures in the history of film-making, responsible for many exciting early developments.

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