Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan’s most-awaited movie ‘Fan’ was released on Friday. Maneesh Sharma’s directorial movie ‘Fan’ is all about a fan’s love, obsession and admiration for his beloved hero. The double role played by Shahrukh in the movie is really appreciable.
The story is about Gaurav Chandna (Shah Rukh Khan) a Delhi boy who grows up worshipping Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan), another Dilli boy who conquered Bombay and Bollywood. 
ShahRukhKhan Fan Movie with double Role
Gaurav is a hardcore Aryan fan who looks alike his favourite actor, Aryan. Gaurav is lethally obsessed with Aryan. His room is even filled with Aryan’s posters; he spends most of his time adoring Aryan Khanna. 
In the annual colony competition he wins an award for impersonating Aryan’s action, love and item sequences. In order to share his happiness of winning the award with his hero, Gaurav wants to go to Mumbai to present Aryan with his trophy on Aryan’s birthday.
On Aryan’s birthday Gaurav joins the crowd outside Aryan’s mansion. Gaurav gets pushed but yells with delight when Aryan comes to wave at the crowd. Aryan Khanna commonly repeats the dialogue, ‘Main jo bhi hun apne fan ke wajah se hun’.
Shah Rukh Khan Fan Movie teaser
Gaurav sees a news report which shows how Aryan slapped Sid Kapoor at his own party which led Sid Kapoor to lodge an FIR against Aryan. This news disturbs Gaurav (SRK) to such an extent that he beats up Sid Kapoor and makes a video forcing him to apologise. 
Gaurav sends this video to Aryan via social media which offends Aryan, who sends the police to Gaurav and has him beaten up by the police. 
Aryan meets him in jail and reminds him that they both have got no resemblance and his adoration is idiotic and dangerous. He gets Gaurav thrashed, asking coldly, ‘Mein tumhe paanch second bhi kyun dun?’
The story of ‘Fan’ takes a u-turn here when Gaurav promises himself that one day he will make the star run after him, saying “Asli drama toh ab shuru hua hai”.
Shah Rukh Khan Fan Movie
The movie ‘Fan’ ends with a spooky, chilling scene where Aryan (SRK) sees a haunting glimpse of Gaurav (SRK) in the crowd on the day of his birthday.

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