Hyderabad: The officials of Hyderabad’s municipal corporation were left sweating on Monday when a nude photo of actor Sunny Leone became a permanent feature on their official website’s home page, pointing towards an alleged hacking angle.
The photo of the porn star turned actor kept appearing on several link pages despite their technical team’s exhausting attempts to take it down.
The puzzling photo first flashed on the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Cooperation’s (GHMC) offsite real time monitoring system (ORST), which is particularly used to track the movement of garbage trucks within the city. When the technical team managed to remove it from the main page and the ORST, the image then began to appear on other link pages on its own for the whole day even after technical team’s continuous efforts of taking it down.
A GHMC revealed that the site is maintained by the Centre for Good Governance (CGG) and hence the responsibility lies with them. However, the CGG was unable to confirm till evening whether the site had been hacked or had been tampered with by someone within the corporation.
No police complaint had been lodged till evening.