Mumbai: Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was targeted on Social media platform Twitter for her recent remarks made on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and his anti-immigration and anti-minority policies which he has stated on several platforms while campaigning this year.
Trolling Priyanka Chopra, certain people have asked the ‘Barfi’ star to remain only an actress and not comment on political matters.
This is not the first time when an actor or a politician is being trolled on social media platforms. Earlier, the ‘2 States’ star Alia Bhatt, ‘Dabang’ girl Sonakshi Sinha, Arun Shorie and Congress leader Digvijay Singh have all been targeted of such attacks in the raising questions whether Twitter has turned from the right to freedom of speech into right to insult.
Priyanka Chopra had slammed Donald Trump, who while campaigning had called a ban on the entry of Muslims to the US.
The actress while criticising Trump said, “I just think you can’t put a ban on anyone. Generalising a type of people is really primitive.” She had shared her views about the battle against extremism, which has come up repeatedly in the 2016 presidential race, at the TIME 100 gala on Tuesday night in New York.
Reacting on the issue, author Advaita Kala said, “There is a call for self regulation, but we know how hard it is to come by… I think twitter will need to step in and bring some measure to shape some of the discourse.”

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