Mumbai: Film maker Prabhat Bhattacharya who has directed “Kaanu” is highly impressed with Anupam Kher’s work in it, saying that the veteran actor is “double-charged” for the film.
“There have been good interactions with Kher sahab in the last 7-8 months, and he understands this fact that we are working with a lot of dedication and like true professionals. We gave him the bound script a year back and he knew it was a good script,” Bhattacharya said. 
“He looked extremely convinced with his role and was very inquisitive about the portrayal of his role. I did have apprehensions saying ‘action’ to him as he is such a senior actor. We got to know from his office that after the first schedule, he got ‘double-charged’ for the film,” he added.
Kher plays a Bengali coach in the film, which is a football-based drama, where the title role of the footballer is played by Prabhat. The story of the film traces the journey of Kaanu and his beloved football club, Ghat Shila Football Club.
“Kaanu” is produced by Sai Sapney Entertainment and presented by Gaurango Filmcraft Academy.

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