New Delhi: The most Googled celebrity, Sunny Leone speaks to NewsX on her upcoming movie ‘One Night Stand’.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview:

NewsX: ‘One Night Stand’ is a very bold topic to be raised in a hypocrite society such as India.

Sunny Leone: I wasn’t born and raised in the country; I haven’t developed that hypocrite mentality. One night stands happen a lot in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai and we should not talk about anyone’s intimate moment and their decisions.

NewsX: You are searched a lot on the Internet, even more than PM Modi.

Sunny Leone: I’ve never figured out the reason behind my popularity. I’ve made a path for myself and not everybody should follow me but maybe when they watch me on screen they feel curious to know more about me.

NewsX: Do you have any regrets in your professional life?

Sunny Leone: My only regret is that I couldn’t reach home fast enough when my mother passed away. Professionally I don’t have any regrets.

NewsX: Do you cook?

Sunny Leone: Yes I cook various cuisines only when I can.

Click here to watch the entire conversation: Sunny Leone Interview


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