New Delhi: ‘Dabang’ actor Salman Khan’s latest flick ‘Sultan’ is turning out to be the most awaited movie for his fans. Adding more to the excitement of the crowd, Salman shared some of his amazing experiences about the movie.

1) Sharing his experience about the shooting, the ‘Dabang’ khan said that it was amazing to shoot at real locations: “It’s always better to shoot on real locations till it’s under control. No matter how much ever sets you create, real locations are different. But it is difficult to shoot in real location; you need police security and all”

2) Salman’s recent photograph from the sets of Sultan has the actor getting into the fighting arena wearing a black langot has already created a buzz in the industry. The actor told media that he used to visit akhadas (wrestling ring) as a kid when he was in Indore.

3) Salman has earlier promised his fans about his ‘double sized’ avatar and fulfilled it in an amazing manner, but for Salman it was really difficult to switch the look, “I’m not gaining weight but gaining muscles for ‘Sultan’, and that is difficult. It is not fat. You have to follow a strict schedule, but then it makes you stronger and fitter. It takes a lot of hard work”

4) Salman has done amazing action pact movies and has crossed the 100 crore club, but ’Sultan’ seems to be quite unusual to the actor because for him unlike usual action shooting, a contact sport like wrestling with real wrestlers was tough.

5) Salman is already expecting a lot from ‘Sultan’, after ruling at the box office with his “Bajrangi Bhaijan’ crossing 300 crores. The actor says, “I want to break past records”.

6) Talking about the music of the movie, Salman says, the music is great because this has a folk flavour so it makes the whole album quite different”

7) Salman khan has always been a charmer as he always makes the town go woos over his toned body. Salman says that, “I’m trying to lift my fitness standards by not getting distracted”

8) Salman Khan says he constantly tries to increase the level of whatever good he is doing and does not like to look behind. “I try and take small baby steps. Whatever wrong I have done I am trying to cut it down, and whatever good I am doing I am trying to increase that level,” 

9) The most difficult part for Salman was the ‘langot’. The actor says he’s not ‘Sharmila’ but walking out in langot was something very unusual. “When I was told I have to wear a ‘langot’, I thought I can do that. When I reached there, we saw like a 5,000 crowd and I was like no way I am doing this. While I was walking out of the vanity van, I was in tears, I feel violated”

“I was never ashamed while removing my shirt but this was the most difficult thing and thank God, people got used to it”, he added.

10) Teasing about his chemistry with Anushka in the movie Salman said, “There is a romantic wrestling bout in the film”

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