New Delhi: AIB’s main man Tanmay Bhatt is once again in the lime light, but this time, its for all the wrong reasons. Tanmay Bhatt, who recently made an nationwide impact with his rant-video on feminism which was inspiring and got some real good response from the audience, is seen in a new video where he takes a dig at the God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar and the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar with some not-so-subtle jokes.

Tanmay shared a video on his official Facebook page by the heading, “Sachin vs Lata Civil War (I make such nonsense on my Snapchat – follow me there – ID: Thetanmay) (Also I obvously love Lata and Sachin, just having some fun).”

In the video, he is seen making fun of Lata and Sachin by cracking offending  jokes on them using face swap filter on Snapchat.

These are a few lines used in the video that received a lot of criticism and negative responses from the fans of the comedian and the celebrities he defaced:

“Phuck Virat. No, I’m very respectful for Virat. He is very good with bat and ladies.”

“Lata tai namaskar. Very respectfully I’d like to add that you are 5000 years old.”

“Your (Lata) face looks like someone has kept you in water for eight days.”

“Just look at you. Jon Snow also died, so you (Lata) should also die.”

Bollywood celebrities took to Twitter and censured the comedian for his disrespectful and unethical act:



But inspite of all the criticism, the comedian reacted calmly and tweeted: “When you guys write about me tomorrow, can you please use my snapchat ID – it’s thetanmay thanks”



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