Los Angeles: Actress Elle Fanning, who turned 18 in April, says girls her age are trying too hard to be beautiful and faultless but are destroying themselves in the process.

“People’s obsession with beauty and perfection, it can really destroy you and wanting perfection it’s like ‘But what is perfection?’ It doesn’t exist. Perfect doesn’t exist, so you drive yourself crazy wanting it, bangshowbiz.com quoted Fanning as saying.

The younger sister to Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning nabbed a role in horror movie “The Neon Demon” as a teenage model who is targeted by her jealous peers.

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And she thinks the storyline derives from real experiences of how girls can treat each other, especially online.

Asked if girls can be that “mean” in real life, she added: “A little bit yeah! I think so, I mean especially on social media and where you can hide behind your phones and be kinda catty, so yeah it does.”

In the movie, her character Jesse moves from a small town to Los Angeles, where she is viciously turned on after she takes the fashion world by storm.

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