Los Angeles: Actress Chloe Sevigny says having babies in their 30s ages women.
The 41-year-old actress doesn’t have any children and says her childlessness is one of the main reasons why she has maintained her youthful looks, reports femalefirst.co.uk.
When an interviewer for W magazine said: “You don’t age! What do you do for your skin every day?”, Sevigny replied: “I think it’s not having had a baby yet. Because I think the baby wear and tear and stress on your body is part of the reason why people say, ‘Why do you still look so young?’
“I really think that that unfortunately ages women, especially when they have children in their thirties, not in their twenties. So I think, first and foremost, it’s that and genetics.”
However, Sevigny admitted that turning 40 had an adverse effect on her skin.
“Once I hit 40, I feel like things are starting to happen now that aren’t very exciting, and I’m starting to get a little scared.
“I don’t know that I’m more proactive. I mean, what do you do? Do you let it happen? Or do you start the preventive measures? It’s kind of terrifying. The under-the-eye thing, there really isn’t much to do for that. I also always slept on my side, and now I’m trying to train myself to sleep on my back for these lines. And with the pillow height, so it’s more with those kinds of things. 
“I mean you’re in bed for what, seven or eight hours a night. That’s a long time! So I’m trying to shift things like that, which are difficult. But it’s hard after 40,” she said.


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