New Delhi: The much controversial movie ‘Udta Punjab’, highlighting the drug epidemic existing all over Punjab, seems to be tumbling from one controversy to another.
Now, the Censor Board has ordered 89 clips in the movie be chopped in order to remove the cuss words used in the film.
Earlier, the board had also asked to remove reference to the state of Punjab in the film. The reference to police in Punjab is also under question. But these changes are not merely artistic. The ruling party of the Badals in Punjab, worried about the impact Udta Punjab will have on the upcoming states elections, objected to the title of the movie as well as the portrayal of Punjab as a whole.
Initially, rumours of banning Udta Punjab’s release in Punjab had also been heard but were later dismissed.
‘Udta Punjab,’ directed by Abhsihek Chaubey, is slated to release on June 17, 2016.