MUMBAI: His fans were in shock after Judge DW Deshpande awarded him with five years imprisonment. Some of his friends in Bollywood expressed anger on Twitter for which they even faced criticism. But there are several questions that continue to boggle some heads. Was this all really required in this ‘high-profile’ hit-and-run case revolving around actor Salman Khan? Had the case been given equal importance if it did not involve the actor and had just another common man? Had the bail been so easy for an ordinary human? 

Apparently, the wife of the man killed in the accident demands nothing beyond compensation. Well, it intensifies the debate even further.

In 2002, the SUV of actor Salman Khan crashed into a street in Mumbai in September and a family lost its only earning member.

Sleeping on the pavement along with few others, Narullah Mahboob Sharif died on the spot. The Sessions Court after 13-years, on Wednesday found Salman Khan guilty and sentenced him to five years in jail, however, this did not mean much to Sharif’s wife.

“Our daily needs, a square meal, education for my children…it is a struggle. We have received no compensation. I have raised my children with great difficulty. We just want help to get by. Maybe a job for my son.” she was quoted in a media report.

The woman reportedly said that her family was promised a compensation of Rs. 10 lakh which never came to them. “Anyway, what will we do with that amount in times of inflation?” she further said.

The claims made by the actor that he was not driving his Toyota Land Cruiser and his driver Ashok Singh was at the wheels of the SUV at the time of the accident were rejected by a Sessions Court on Wednesday.

“You were driving the car, without a license and you were under the influence of alcohol,” Judge told Khan while announcing him guilty. 

On the other hand, others injured in the accident too demand for compensation than punishment for the 49-year-old actor. 

Victim Abdullah Rauf Shaikh who was 22 then and lost one of his legs in the accident claims of having ‘no hard feelings’ for the actor and enjoys watching Salman’s movies even now.

“Nobody came to visit me in the last 13 years. I only do small jobs to somehow support my family. For me, compensation matters more than conviction. If Salman is punished, I will not be benefited in any way. I will not get my leg back,” Shaikh was quoted in the report.

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