NEW DELHI: The arguments over the case in the court and subsequent sentencing of five years in jail for actor Salman Khan caught the attention of the Indian media throughout the day on Wednesday. But did you know that an equal amount of importance was given to the case by our Pakistani counterparts who did not skip even a second and covered the hearing extensively? 

Bollywood movies have always received a warm welcome across the border ever since the likes of Dilip Kumar and Rajesh Khanna ruled the industry. However, the B-town Khans took over after the icons of yesteryears retired from the big screen. The fans welcomed them too with open arms. 

It was the judgment day of the ‘Dabangg’ actor on Wednesday and the news created a massive buzz in the Indian media with every channel playing the non-stop coverage since morning until late evening. 

From Salman leaving his house for the court to him being convicted, from sentencing to bail to reaching back home, every pulse of the news was captured by almost all private English and Hindi news channels. 

Pakistan too did not lack behind in covering the court proceedings with almost all news portals in the country giving equal importance to it like any other big happening in the world.

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