Tehran: People have always enjoyed the comics in their leisure but seeing a comic character in real life is something which people don’t expect to happen until now, Sajad Gharibi a power-lifter created a fuss in the social media after he took over to his Instagram account to unveil his HUGE body; once you see him even ‘Hulk’ starts looking like a small toy.

Sajad Gharibi who is a Persian weight lifter developed his body to an extreme level for the sport. Just at the age of 24 Sajad has been able to build a body which most bodybuilders could only dream off. Weighing around 175 kg, the young boy has already been receiving titles like Iranian Hulk or Persian Hercules from his friends and family.

Apparently this Iranian Hulk has no anger issues like ‘The HULK’ and is as sweet and kind human as any of us, the bodybuilder usually leads a very normal life where he likes clicking photos hanging out and reminding his friends that how tiny they are in front of him.

However, his main hobby is power lifting his friends say that he is as gentle as a baby, making him ‘The Hulk’ by heart.

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