New Delhi; Reacting to the ‘raped woman’ comment controversy that has engulfed the ‘Sultan’ Salman Khan, Actress Kangana Ranaut on Wednesday said “It is a horrible thing to say, it’s insensitive. But let’s not encourage pointing fingers.”
We all agree right, it’s a horrible thing to say and it’s something which is extremely insensitive. But let’s not encourage that mentality where we want to point fingers at each other and want to feel greater by just running people down by trolling them. As a society we have to take responsibility and stand united and it’s a disgrace for the whole society not just an individual. Just like Salim uncle says we are all sorry about it, it’s not about an individual, we all collectively feel sorry about that thought process, the actress said while addressing a press conference.
Salman Khan on Saturday sparked a controversy after he said that he felt like a “raped woman” walking out of a ring in his role as a wrestler in his upcoming film “Sultan”. 
Later, Salman’s father Salim Khan apologised on behalf of his son in a series of tweets.