New Delhi: The much-awaited Salman Khan-starrer movie ‘Sultan’ has finally hit the big screen and it is worth watching.

Salman Khan’s dramatic entry into the screen woos the audience in the movie hall. Salman Khan swaggering himself in front of the camera and Sultan’s wrestling is one of the best part shown in first few minutes of the movie.

The first half of the movie is a flashback about what actually made Sultan leave wrestling and what happens after he leaves. When Sultan gain kilos and have to face a much deadlier fight after years of quitting wrestling, the question petrifies the main protagonist in the movie.

Child-like Jat Sultan is shown starting from the scratch and becoming the world champion at the end of the movie.

Sultan takes on wrestling to impress his lady-love Aarfa. Aarfa is also a state-level wrestler and wishes to marry, as one who prefers someone with one’s own vocation, a wrestler. So, there goes Sultan’s struggle to become one with his woman he loves, and with his emotional and physical struggle, he wins several exceptional rewards along with the heart of Aarfa.

But after gaining all the success, there is a delectable twist in the tale which infuses the movie with a more enticing plot.

Haryanvi accent of Sultan and Aarfa is a fun part to watch for fans used to seeing Salman’s other characters.

Sultan’s lover, Aarfa, played by Anushka Sharma with a sparkle, is a woman with ambition, and she has to take on her shoulders the role of uplifting women’s role in patriarchal Jatland.

Randeep Hooda plays the role of Sultan’s coach and does full justice to his role.

Although attached to a more serious narrative, there are few good punches in the movie that gives audience laughter along with the mixture of thrill and emotions.

Ali Abbas Zafar surprises the audience with all his twists in the movie.  

The cinematography of the movie is well done. There’s a romance which involves risible songs and dialogue. The movie also involves Hing-lish speaking by Salman and Anushka which adds to the fun factor of the film.

All in all, a must watch for all the bhai fans.






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