New Delhi: Celebrities Anara Gupta and Rakhi Sawant stepped in to share their thoughts on Mika Singh’s controversial molestation case against a female designer. Rakhi Sawant, after a seemingly long time, has once again come out in support of her old friend Mika Singh after the controversial kiss incident which saw the duo severe ties with each other.

A molestation case was registered on Tuesday against singer Mika Singh by a designer at Mumbai’s Versova police station. The designer alleged that she had gone to Mika’s place where the singer misbehaved with her and sexually assaulted her. Mika Singh in his defence said that the designer was just trying to make money out of a false case and has threatened him of ruining his career.

Rakhi Sawant, who supported Mika Singh and Anara Gupta, who spoke in favour of the molested girl, justified their stands in an exclusive debate on India News.

Rakhi said that she was supporting Mika as a friend and as a well wisher. She alleged that the girl was abusing him and other women and was forcing herself on Mika and was asking for money in return. “The girl came in from a window. A girl from a decent background will never do that, sometimes she says she is a singer, and then she says I am a designer,” Rakhi claimed, and also said that she had submitted video and other evidence to support her Mika’s alibi.

Anara Gupta in the debate said, “I am standing with the designer and supporting her because I am a female and I know what she must be going through. Rakhi, who herself had once fallen into the trap of Mika Singh is now surprisingly standing in support of him. If there is no truth behind the allegations of the designer, then why haven’t the police registered a case in favour of Mika Singh?”

The debate mutated into a heated conversation between the two as both of them refused to budge from their stance.

Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh had a close relationship prior to Mika’s birthday incident where the singer forcefully kissed Rakhi Sawant in front of the public and the press. The video of the incident went viral and a controversy followed when Rakhi Sawant took the case to the police and blamed her singer-friend for molestation.