MUMBAI: Just before she died in Mumbai, the words of the 40-year-old ‘BA Pass’ actress, Shikha Joshi were recorded by her room-mate, police said. 

Model and actress Shikha allegedly on tape said that she decided to kill herself as she was tired of being harassed by a doctor and was ‘fed up with men’, a media report claimed. (Also Read: ‘BA Pass’ actress Shikha Joshi commits suicide slitting her throat)

Madhu Harti, the flat mate of the late actress forcefully opened the door of the bathroom where Joshi had reportedly locked herself. The former then found the actress lying in a pool of blood along with a knife kept next to her and neck been slashed. 

Shikha was rushed to the nearby hospital and was pronounced dead there.

As quoted in a report, the flat mate explaining about the audio-recording of the actress said, “On Saturday, she started drinking around 12:30 pm. After the incident, I made the clip before taking her to the hospital as the cops would suspect me because I was the only person present in the flat when the incident took place.”

 However, the family of the actress claims that the death is not just another case of suicide. Police on the other hand is waiting for the post-mortem results to get more facts for investigation.

Shikha Joshi had filed a police case against a Khar-based doctor in 2011 accusing him of molesting her when she visited him for a treatment. In 2013, Joshi was arrested for allegedly throwing stones at the residence of the doctor but there was nothing done against the influential doctor. 

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