Mumbai: Director Anil Ballani’s film ‘Ishq Click’ is a movie filled with melodrama, love, revenge, materialism and sob fest, but the idea of the film gets lost when it comes to the art of story-telling.
Aditya Vardhan (Adhyayan Suman), a budding photographer from Mumbai, goes to Darjeeling on a trip where he meets Sophia (Sara Loren) and sees some modelling potential in her and invites her to come with him to Mumbai and make a career in the same profession.
Sophia comes to Mumbai with Aditya and becomes a rising star of the modelling industry and falls in love with Aditya but then comes a twist when Aditya leaves her to marry Ira (Sanskriti Jain), daughter of a famous and leading photographer.
Once Ira gets to know about his past with Sophia, she accuses him of infidelity and even teams up with Sophia to take revenge on him.
The characters in the film do not seem to share any chemistry, therefore their love story becomes uninteresting. Sara Loren has lacked the innocent traits in the character which was much needed.
The second half of the film is filled with legal battle that Aditya has to go through. The charges against him are lame and in the end, one can only pity his condition. Feel free to watch the movie if you have nothing else to do to kill time. The movie is not impacting nor emotionally binding. 

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