New Delhi: Toby Sheldon, the guy who infamously shot to fame after going under the knife to look like pop star Justin Bieber, passed away on Tuesday due to alleged drug overdose.

Strebel, who spend a whopping $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber, was found dead in a Los Angeles Motel three days after he was reported missing by his friends. According to the coroner’s report, Strebel had accidentally overdosed on Vicodin, Xanas, alcohol and sleep aid Temazepam.

Strebel, or Sheldon, was born in Germany and started emulating Justin Bieber around 2008 when the “Sorry” singer was a rising sensation in the music industry.

Toby had professed in an interview that he was so jealous of Justin Bieber’s good looks. “He had this baby face that I just really liked. I was like ‘Damn, that’s what I want to look like!'”

To maintain his looks, Toby Sheldon continuously shelled out money out of his own pockets. Although he was criticised by many for his surgery, he never expressed regret for going under the knife.