Mumbai: Tanmay Bhatt, who was recently in news for insulting legendary singer Lata Mangeskhar and the ‘God of Cricket’ Sachin Tendulkar, has made it again to the headlines – this time for mocking at Bollywood heartthrob Priyanka Chopra’s accent.
Tanmay tweeted: 
When I say @priyankachopra’s name in my head I now automatically pronounce it like “Priyaaaanka Chopruh”
Priyanka’s fans were fumed by the tweet and hit back at Tanmay. However, former Miss World did not take the issue seriously and replied in a funny manner. She took to Twitter writing: 
“I’m supposed to have the accent @thetanmay what happened to u? Lol” (sic)
The way she took the incident in a light-hearted manner can be applauded. She has succeeded in maintaining the dignity of the stature which she has achieved in thirteen years of her Bollywood career while not losing out on her wit despite the presence of wannabe critics.