New Delhi: Warner Bros. Pictures released the much-talked about and anticipated Special Comic-Con Footage of Justice League on 23rd July, and from its first look, fans became pretty excited about Aquaman…after all, Jason Momoa adorned the role of the water king, officially blowing off theories about a blonde man in green tights.

The elegant Brazilian beauty Gal Gadot plays the role of Wonder Woman, and Ezra Miller plays the role of Flash, a wizzy kid with the enthusiasm needed for superhero movies. Henry Cavill is intact as Superman, and the brooding Ben Affleck puts on the knight suit.

But fans of the DC Comics superhero amalgamation are apprehensive about the end result of the movie. Batman vs Superman was talked about much, but in the end, audience leaving the cinema had mixed reactions — mainly because they did not know how to criticise something that was an icon in itself.

Marvel’s Avengers did a great job on the first movie, mixing humour with action while showcasing every potential each superhero possessed. But Justice League, in a bid to cast itself to the audience as a more darker version of men-in-tight-fighting-for-universe, has to rely more on the story and less on the action to establish a fresh connection with the audience. If this means that Wonder Woman will command the scene for 20 minutes or Aquaman will soberly tell stories about his underwater ventures, then so be it.

Justice League will be releasing in cinemas in 2017.  

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