Believing the quote of one of the leading magazine’s cover, it is revealed that why the veteran actress Rekha sports the ‘vermilion’. It says that the super glamorous Rekha wears the ‘sindoor’ for the Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan with who she was tagged to be in a relationship long back.

The quote that reads, ‘Rekha wears sindoor for Big B’ has been given by none other than Deepali Issar, wife of Bigg Boss 8 contestant Puneet Issar. Amitabh Bachchan has worked with Puneet in Coolie and the latter has often been considered the reason behind the serious accident of Amitabh during the shooting of the movie. 

While many have asked that why the eternal beauty continues to wear sindoor, we always took it as the style statement and a part of the diva’s personality. But it seems that Deepali Issar has spilled the beans that are enough to create a mini storm amongst their fans and media.

While Puneet’s stint in the Bigg Boss house, Rekha visited the glass-walled house as a guest on one of the weekend shows. During her visit, she was clearly seen avoiding Puneet and being a little rude to the contestant of the show. In a sarcastic tone, Rekha even told Puneet, “’Aur kitne gunaah karenge aap” (how many crimes would you do more) signifying how she continues to hold Puneet responsible for the Amitabh’s Coolie accident.

There was possible none who was not talking about the ‘ignoring episode’ of Rekha and Puneet at the Bigg Boss house and the same once again brought the Coolie accident in limelight.

The mystery around the enigmatic star (Rekha) intensifies each time we see her with Amitabh Bachchan at any event or picture, which is certainly rare. The rumours around the ‘Silsala’ actors have been there for long, in fact still help the gossip seekers. 

Even though we have not read the full interview, but one thing is clear that the Puneet Issar’s wife with her statement like this has certainly called for a row with the Bachchans. We wonder how Jaya Bachchan has to react on it!

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